The obligatory panda experience

You can’t go to China (and particularly Chengdu) without seeing Pandas. I’ve never seen them before so that was something I knew I just had to do.

Person walking along a wide path surrounded by trees
Hmm, Giant Pandas can’t be that hard to find can they???

I went to the Chengdu breeding/research facility. This is a massive place, so finding your way around is actually relatively tricky. There are heaps of pandas there (160ish if I remember correctly) and they regularly release them in to the wild to replenish the pandas’ dwindling numbers due to habitat-loss primarily.


The pandas are really cool though, comically dopey looking and behaving in an endearing and amusing way.

I actually found the Red Pandas to be more interesting though. Primarily because I didn’t know anything about them but they are also a lot more active, racing around and having a good time.

Red panda surrounded by greenery


  • Angela 3 years ago

    Hope you are going well? Istanbul now? I am in Melbourne visiting Uncle Jules at the moment. Keep safe! Gxx