Walking the Freycinet Circuit

I had agreed to run some multi day trips with the University of Tasmania Bushwalking Club. After looking at some maps I settled on this circuit as it looked like a good multi day walk for beginners and the coastal weather tends to be kinder in the winter months. In the end it was a small group of three in total. We met up in the evening after I finished work, loaded up a car with equipment and hit the road. It was a long drive in the dark so it was a relief to make it to Rivers and Rocks; a campsite just out of coles bay. I got a fire going and we grilled some kabobs and vegetables over the coals before we all crashed under my tarp.

Three people standing on a peak with water in the background
Small group and an easy coastal walk? maybe I'm getting soft...

We had a fairly early start and began the quick drive to Freycinet, stopping on the way to grab some batteries for our head torches. Soon enough we were at the carpark and walking off. The track quality is impressive, you could get a wheel chair down most of the section from the car park to Hazards Beach!

Close-up of feet, walking along a beach
Much of the route is walking along beaches. A very pretty part of the world!

It was an easy days walk and we got to our camp site at Cooks Beach quite early. I cooked dinner and we watched a beautiful sunset.

Three people sitting in silhouette, in the sunset
Not a bad view from the camp site!

We decided to wake up very early and try to summit Mount Freycinet to catch the sunrise. (Can’t have the trip be too easy). We were a bit slower than I had hoped but we just made it in time.

Two people walking along in the dark
Getting everyone up while it is still dark is always a hard sell. A promise of a hot breakfast always helps...

I took some photo's and prepared breakfast for everyone as we enjoyed watching the sun peaking out from behind the Hazards range.

Three people sitting on a mountain looking away from the camera towards the coast
Just having a quick rest after breakfast before moving on. One day I want to return to tackle the Hazards range seen in the distance.

Soon enough we were pushing back down before starting the climb up Mount Graham. With hot weather one of our team was struggling a bit so I got some extra weight out of her pack and we slowed down a bit.

Two people walking along a trail
Here we are descending from Mount Graham, our last major obstacle!

Soon enough we were done with the steep stuff and on the home straight, pushing through to Wineglass Bay where we stopped for a well earned rest!

Four people sitting on a beach
Not hard to see why this is a popular spot!

This is such an iconic Tasmanian location it seems ridiculous that It has taken me so long to check it out. Definitely a lovely area although I wouldn't want to be here in the height of the summer tourist rush. A highly reconended trip!

Two people standing on rocks near the water's edge