Very cheap books

On my evening exploration trip around Beijing last night I came across a fairly average book shop (except everything is in Mandarin of course).

Man looking at a tall shelf of books
The book store along with Liu, a travelling companion for my time in Beijing, a fellow solo traveller and a tough retired Chinese soldier.

It’s amazing how cheap everything was though, only 10 Chinese Yuan per book which is the equivalent of around $2 Australian. How the shop or the authors make a profit is beyond me.

Close up of books on a shelf
Pity I don’t have room in my pack.

After the bookshop we braved some of the more shady outskirts and red light district of Beijing to get to a restaurant that Liu particularly liked. It lived up to his description with some very tasty food.

Close-up of a bowl of food
If you know where to look, healthy and cheap food is readily available in Beijing

With another evening of adventure over I once again need to pack my gear and get ready for another uncomfortable overnight train tomorrow.

It’ll be a shame to say goodbye to Liu. Despite communication being tricky, and having to use Google Translate a lot, we seem to have a very similar attitude towards life and a passion for adventure. No time for complaining though, next stop Shanghai!

Temple at night
Even at night everything seems to come alive in Beijing