A plan of action

The last of our time in Venice went quickly. We checked out a cathedral along with an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s work, which was interesting. The craftsmanship of the various displays was of particular note to me.

Da Vinci display in Venice
My father checking out one of the displays

For our final evening we decided to cook our own dinner. This was a relief for me as I was sick of eating out. We sat down to dinner and planned out what our next step was going to be.

Kitchen with greens
Having our own kitchen meant I could finally cook a meal!

Given my father had came on a whim there was no plan for what we were going to do at all. In the end we decided to hire a car and go on a road trip across Europe to meet up with some friends of mine that I’d been planning on traveling with.

Having a car was an exciting change for me as it meant much more freedom and less stress as far as being able to go anywhere without negotiating public transport. With ambitious plans of crossing over eight countries and no idea about the complications or logistics of any of it we hit the sack ready to start our journey tomorrow.

Candles in Venice Cathedral
Had a lot of fun photographing candles in the cathedral.