Guilin from above

Near the hostel I’m staying at runs a hike up a mountain, the name of which apparently translates loosely to ‘old man’s hill’.

Standing on a hill overlooking a city
Mission accomplished!

The view of Guilin is pretty amazing from the top and the climb itself was a lot of fun; not very long but a couple of sections of climbing (makes things interesting).

Landscape of green hills
A landscape of stark contrast

Seeing Guilin from high up is fascinating, there is a harsh contrast between the city and the heavily forested mountains and hills poking up in between.

As it gets darker the city starts to light up. There were fireworks that I would’ve loved to see from the mountain but I was the only one with a torch (and not a great one at that) so we agreed we’d better get down while we had light, so as not to risk someone falling.

Landscape of green hills and houses at dusk
Lights starting to appear with the coming darkness