Arriving in Guilin

After another train I made it to Guilin!

Person by the side of a river looking over the water

I started out with catching a bus from the station (all Chinese characters without English, which was fun), before exploring the city a bit, doing my usual walk around and locating my hostel.

It’s quite picturesque. The river running through and around the city gives the place a nice feel, lots of people doing different things from fishing to swimming or taking small bamboo rafts (or larger cruise boats) up and down the river.

Man fishing in a river underneath a bridge


  • Angela 3 years ago

    Living and learning! Have you got bartering sorted?? Great to know how you are going. Cheers, Gxx

  • James 3 years ago

    I’ve got the basics down, still don’t think I’m good enough at being ruthless though, I’m not a fan of it overall!