Buying a bike

Having had enough time in Jakarta I decided it was time to move on.

Street in Jakarta at night
Jakarta, always full-on regardless of the time…

I bought a bike, which was way cheaper than in Australia, packed up my gear and was off!

My bike
My bike and gear all ready to go!

Riding in western Java is (I now know) totally suicidal. I was expecting things to quickly improve as I got out of the city but the terrible road conditions and sprawling suburbia and industrial zones just continued on. With all vehicles crammed on the road together, lane splitting and going through red lights being the norm, it is a total mess requiring constant high levels of alertness.

Faulty traffic lights in Java
Three lights on at the same time? Fantastic…

Add on to this the 38-degree heat and on-and-off pouring rain, it was not a pleasant ride. Apart from being exhausted I was soon covered head to toe in mud and grit splashed up from the road.

I arrived in Bogor, relieved to find the hostel was a nice quiet one out of main bustle of the city. I booked an extra couple of nights as I need to think through a plan, riding everywhere is just too hazerdeous and unpleasant.

Author at hostel in Bogor Indonesia
Finally at my hostel relaxing after climbing on to the roof…