Mosques and parkour in Istanbul

After checking out the things in the basic vicinity of my hostel, it was time to go further afield and also test out the Istanbul subway. I can say that the subway was pretty confusing compared to the ones in China, which I wasn’t expecting. Combining this with inaccuracies in Google and Apple maps, I did quite a bit of extra walking. That said I finally made it to my destination.

Parkour gym
Acrodemy Istanbul, an excellent spot for parkour training, if a little hard to find…

As a keen parkour guy, when I found out that there was a parkour gym in Istanbul I knew I needed to go check-it-out, despite the heat. It didn’t disappoint. I got a solid workout in and had a lot of fun too. I then made my way back towards the subway station, checking out a Mosque along the way.

Overall it was a great although exhausting day, I covered a lot of ground and had a blast. I’m definitely loving Istanbul, despite the warnings about riots with recent political instability, it feels really safe here. I’m also enjoying the more relaxed pace of life in general, compared to the madness of China.

Standing in the doorway of a large building
A massive and totaly deserted Mosque; not used to getting the place to myself!