Austrian Doctors and arriving in Venice

Thankfully the ferry was amazingly smooth, the calmest boat ride I’ve ever been on, which given I was feeling rubbish was a relief. I spent the day lazing around, mostly just lying down although I got up to grab a hearty breakfast of jelly and water.

Jelly and bottled water
Yum yum…

By the end of the day I was feeling worse and I knew that I had to force myself to eat something. It had been three days since I’d had a proper meal. I lined up at the buffet and grabbed a pile of food. As I got to the end of the queue ready to pay I started feeling worse. I passed the cash to the lady and leaving the tray of food walked a couple of steps and collapsed on a couch. Mentally I was still there but I was too weak to stand and had trouble talking.

Some of the crew helped me to a medical room, one was pretty panicked and I did a pretty inept job of trying to calm the poor guy down as he attempted to take my blood pressure and pulse at the same time (and succeeding in neither). Two Austrian doctors, a father and daughter duo walked in to relieve him. I’d gone in to hypoglycaemic shock (low blood sugar) as a result of not eating for such a long time. This is typically associated with diabetics, but starving myself had managed to get the same effect. I sparked up a lot after sculling a disgusting salt and sugar solution and some orange juice which got my blood sugar back up.

I then had a massive dinner with the doctors and their family, which was exceptionally kind of them. Robert (one of the doctors) and his family had been on a holiday to Greece and were on their way back home. We all had a laugh and had a good time. It felt more like I was with family than a bunch of random people I’d only just met. Robert’s wife was concerned for me, I promised to look after myself on the road. Soon it was time to disembark and I said goodbye to the Austrian family. I feel bad knowing I owe them so much and couldn’t do anything in return. I will always remember their exceptional kindness.

Venice industrial zone
Arriving in Venice’s grim industrial zone