Late night flights and arriving in Istanbul

After 3 weeks it is finally time to leave China! It’s a bit disappointing, I’d finally felt I’d got the hang of the place, understood the customs and the food. That being said it’s exciting to be on the move again!

Plates of food on a table
Decent healthy airport food, what is this madness?

I had a very late flight so I sat at the airport and ate a decent meal while doing some writing and waiting for my flight. As it turns out I should have not been so relaxed, as giving myself an hour to wait in line and get through security was cutting it fine.

Getting in to Istanbul was great though, it has such an instantly apparent difference to China in pace, look and feel that I’m sure it’ll make for an interesting time.

A narrow cobbled street with buildings on each side
My first look at Istanbul. Very different to China!