Experiencing Venice and its mosquitoes

We moved to what appeared to be a rental house the next day. My aunt had done a pretty amazing job at finding a place. It’s massive! The one downside is the mosquitoes (but that’s a problem anywhere in Venice). She’s a very experianced traveller so her advice has been really handy too.

Hotel kitchen
Having a kitchen is a nice change!

We spent a while walking around and just checking the place out. It has a nice ambiance, but it is very touristy. I can hear more English being spoken than Italian by the passers-by.

Canal in Venice
The iconic canals of Venice

I’d always wanted to visit Venice for two main reasons; firstly the canals and my interest in boats, secondly the badass Roman history and culture the city has. I saw a lot of the former and little of the latter, but it was still great. I wish I had a bit more time to check out Rome or somewhere in Italy with some more historical stuff about the Roman Empire, as that has always fascinated me.

Narrow Venice street
The ridiculously narrow paths and alleyways make for a surreal maze-like city


  • Angela 4 years ago

    Great to read your updates – even if they are from some weeks back! Where are you now?? A bit concerned to hear today of more earthquakes in Italy! Take care. G xxx