Jumping ahead to Paris

So I hit a bit of a roadblock with my blogging… the time I’d spent unwell in Europe had meant that there was a good couple of weeks where I hadn’t written anything, that I’ve been trying to catch up on.

The author at a Paris university
A massive university in Paris which appeared to be totally deserted?

To be honest I can’t be bothered constantly being almost a month behind where I am in the world currently so I’m going to skip ahead a few weeks so that I can get back on track. Having a hole in my journey won’t hurt as it’ll give me some stories to tell in person!

I’ve been in Paris for the last week and I’m just about to gear up and get on a plane. For now though I want to enjoy my last time in Europe before I plunge in to the chaos of Asia once again…

Firefighters in Paris
Heaps of emergency services all over the place, maybe a gas leak?