Canyoneering in Ubud

Feeling the need for some action I signed up to do canyoneering!

One person jumping from a rock into water, while another watches on
It’s bizarre for me looking at this thinking I was once afraid of heights…

This was epic in pretty much every way. While I’ve done quite a bit of whitewater stuff before I had no canyoneering experiance. The highest jump was 9 metres and the maximum abseil was 21 metres. It wasn’t that high but the force of the waterfall crashing down on me as I was attempting to control my descent was very significant.

The slippery rocks also led to many losses of footing, often meaning I swung in to the rocks or directly in the path of the waterfall. An exhausting but incredible thing to do. The guides were also fantastic. Highly trained, confident and enthusiastic it was significantly easier to get up the nerve to make jumps knowing thay had it all covered.

The group of us was small and everyone was confident enough to make everything go nice and smoothly, which was great, no waiting round for people who are too scared to make a jump or start an abseil. I had so much fun, one of the best experiences I’ve had on my travels. The guys said they’re always looking for new guides so I’m keen to complete the training back in Australia and maybe return to do some work while traveling.

Person abseiling down a rock face with a waterfall nearby
Learning to Abseil was just amazing. Can’t wait to do more!