Rice terraces and dumpling skills

For my last day in Guilin I decided to head out to the Rice terraces. I didn’t want to bother doing a lot of planning or confusing bus exchanges so I went with a tour group.

Person walking along a narrow path through a grassy area
Carsten leading the charge up to the top!

On the trip I met a guy called Carsten, a German lawyer who’d been studying in Shanghai and was doing some travel before heading back to Germany to start work.

Field of green rice
Endless green rice…

We got on well and decided to hike up the terrace together (instead of taking the chairlift) I like doing this where possible, I feel the physical exertion makes the view at the end seem much more rewarding. It was a very hot day which made it harder though.

View across green fields
The view was worth battling the heat though!

Carsten’s an interesting guy, having served in the military (one year of compulsory service) and also speaking multiple languages, and having done so well in his studies it makes for some interesting conversations on politics.

View over green hills
How they harvest this stuff is beyond me?

Finally after an interesting day we say goodbye and I promise to meet up when I’m in Germany. I then head back to the hostel ready for some cooking!

I’m very much into cooking, and having done none of it over the past three weeks when I saw the hostel was running a dumpling class I jumped right on it. They’re very easy to make, and I love dumplings. Interesting that everyone in China knows how to make them, kind of like cooking pasta to Australians I guess.

Close-up of a plate of dinner
Some were pretty mutated but they were getting better by the end.