Balik Ekmek and exploring Istanbul

After recovering from my flight with a good night’s sleep I was back up to speed and ready to explore.

Sunrise in the cloudy sky over the city
The morning sun rising over Istanbul

The twisting hilly and organic feel to the architecture is a stark contrast to what I was used to in China. The look of the place is also just so different – the absence of temples, insane driving and pollution, and the presence of grass and trees all makes for a very different experience.

Tomatoes and lettuce on a plate, as well as a BBQ
A typical street stall making Balik Ekmek (fish sandwiches)

The food is also very different. My standard meal has become Turkish bread with chicken and salad which can be bought to for the equivalent of $1.50 Australian. I also really like Balik Ekmek. This is a fish sandwich made from fish grilled right in front of you along with lemon, chilli and fresh salad all wrapped in crusty bread.

My accomodation is very close to the Galata Tower, which initially I thought would be really handy for navigation, however the streets of Istanbul are often so narrow and windy that it’s impossible to see any useful landmarks. That being said, the tower looks rather impressive and makes for a nice area to hang out and grab food, although the banks of the docks seen to have better food at night.

A lit-up stone tower with the evening sky behind
The Gelata Tower makes for an imposting structure.