Bogor Indonesia and plan B

Having decided that riding was too dangerous and slow I needed a new plan. The family gave me a call which was great, I haven’t talked to them in months so it was good to catch up. I bounced some ideas off my father, which I find to always be useful in working through problems. Apart from transport I also needed to figure out some visa issues and when I was actually heading back to Australia.

Indonesian food
A big lunch, still no idea what most of it was…

After some thinking I decided to book a flight to Bali. This means I can ride around there on some quieter roads and don’t need to be worrying about rushing too much. The only downside to this plan is that I need to ride back to Jakarta to catch my flight…

With that sorted it was time to check out Bogor! I headed strait to the botanical gardens. This was pretty cool, lots of interesting plants and trees to check out. Given the cooler climate of my home the tropical plants were an interesting change.

Tree in Bogor botanical gardens
Really interesting looking trees