Arriving in Phuket

I finally arrived and after a dodgy minivan trip with a mandatory stop at a tourism centre to try and sell you rubbish I got to my slightly gaudy hostel.

Brightly coloured bunks
Interesting colour choice…

Despite the childish colours it’s actually quite nice. I met some cool people, along with someone I knew from school, it’s a small world!

Sunset over a beach, with people near the water
Sunset over Kata Beach in Phuket

I decided to head down to the beach and do some photography of the sunset. In scrambling over the rocks to get a better shot I made a bad decision, misjudged the distance to a rock I was jumping to and fell a metre or so on to the uneven rocks below. Luckily I didn’t hit my head – just got some grazes.

Good news is the shots of the sunset came out really well (no pain no gain right?) plus I get to use the comprehensive first aid kit I’ve carried half way around the world but never used.

Close-up of bleeding elbow
Totally worth it!