Onwards to Ubud

I got my bike assembled at a bike store and piled my gear in to the rear panniers. Before long I was back in business and ready for the relatively tame 30 km ride to Ubud. The ride was great; very hot but the scenery is beautiful. On multiple occasions I ended up riding down narrow dirt paths through little resedential areas having to dodge chickens and potholes, which made for an interesting time!

Author looking at loaded touring bike
Doing my final checks of my bike before I head off

Soon enough I got to the rice fields of Ubud, which was great – the hills of Ubud are less so unfortunately!

Rice fields of Ubud
Endless rice makes for a scenic ride to Ubud

As pleasant as the ride was it was a relief to get out of my sweat drenched clothes and jump in the pool at my accomodation.

Author in pool in Ubud Indonesia
Away from drunken stupidity, this is the tropical paradise I’d been searching for!